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extract audio tracks from your video


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Do you want to save certain audio track from a film you are watching, maybe the sound of a concert?

All Video Sound Extractor is an accurate tool which allows you to extract the sound from any video file, so you can save only the audio if you don’t need the video too.

It is housed in a comfortable interface, All Video Sound Extractor is capable of working with up to 2 GB files, soo we can extract audio from entire films.

All Video Sound Extractor supports the most popular video formats (AVI, Divx, MPEG ASF, WMV, WMA, etc.), and can export audio as mpe or wav file.

If you want to extract the audio track, you only have to choose an start point and a final one and All Video Sound Extractor will create an independent audio track with the choosen content.

We can save tracks up to 30 seconds each.

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